Experience the four cycle phases in a weekend and

unlock your next level breakthrough

Surround yourself and collaborate with other impact driven entrepreneurs in a 4-day transformational retreat designed for you to recharge your body and ignite your business.


exclusive retreat for

women building an online biz

There are two things most successful business owners have in common.


They seek out experiences that restore, inspire, and empower them so that they can focus on the visionionary tasks of their biz and work ON their biz instead of IN it.


They surround themselves with other successful women to get inspiration from and collaborate with because they know you become like the people you spend the most time with.

And I don’t need to tell you…that in order for you to achieve similar results you need to model what other successful female biz owners have done. 


Which means when you intentionally put yourself in the room with other successful biz owners and seek experiences that allow you to feel inspired and empowered you’ll…

show up in your business excited and ready, 

get out of the daily busy work and implement your 7-figure vision, 

and finally see the breakthrough year you’re desiring.


You awaken to the smell of the ocean breeze mixed with the most delicious food aromas, 

feeling the sun’s glow on your face as you rise

You know that shortly after you savor your breakfast and the company of the amazing women you’ve met, you’ll head down for a morning yoga session on the beach. 

Throughout the weekend, you might sip champagne by the pool, laugh and collaborate with other high impact driven women, or create an action plan for your next $1 million idea.

You find yourself laughing and having deep meaningful conversations, wow’ed by all the ah-ha moments that will make massive shifts in your biz, all while snacking on a rainbow of the most delicious fruits from mangos to pineapples.

No matter what you’re doing, you know one thing… 

You’re totally enjoying the full experience.

You’re feeling recharged and invigorated.

You’re feeling inspired and creative.

You’re feeling powerful and unstoppable.

You know this is EXACTLY where you needed to be, the people you needed to be around, and the experience you needed to create the space for your next breakthrough.

This and so much more is waiting for you at the Amplify Your Power Within Retreat.

the amplify retreat is for you if...

1. You are a female impact driven entrepreneur who wants to grow your biz (doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to scale to 7-figures).

2. You desire to create your business with ease and flow embracing the feminine rhythms instead of subscribing to the hustle culture.


3. You love mixing pleasure and business (aka…sipping champagne by the pool while mapping out your next million $ idea).

4. You’ve got a busy life! Whether it be kids, your biz, a 9-5 job, or just life… you KNOW that if you had just a weekend a way to focus and be inspired, you’d get so much done and feel productive AF!

your perfect weekend away

From letting go bonfires to transformational photoshoots to social media experts and more! Each day at the Amplify Retreat is filled with the perfect blend of actionable biz strategies, collaboration, relaxation, and transformational experiences.


Sunrise Yoga




Transformational Session






Guest Speaker


Business Hot Seats & Implementation


Relaxation & Healing Session


Expert Panel Mingling & Dinner


Bonfire Ceremony




You already know it can be a challenge to be creative and focus on your CEO tasks when you're caught in the fast pace and demands of life. Which is why you'll find yourself capturing clarity on your next level self, your next million dollar idea, and the road map to create it when you find yourself within the space of this retreat.


Each intentional moment throughout this weekend is meaningfully designed for you to experience all Four Phases of the cycle within just 4 days (3 nights). 

Each experience is woven together with the perfect blend of restoration and action. 

From sipping champagne by firelight with your new business besties to a sunset breathwork session or sound bath designed to reinvigorate your energy, spark your wildest creativity, and amplify your vision.

Through experiential exercises, business breakthrough hot seats, and more, you’ll gain insights into your business and yourself that will unleash your next level breakthrough so that you can step into your unstoppable self and finally surpass your 6 figure goals. 

As you head home, you might even find a few grains of sand lingering in your suitcase…as a reminder of the infinite possibility that is now available to you...a reminder that you will never be the same. 


April 21-24, 2023

san diego, ca


Your Resort Style Lodging

From volleyball courts to swimming pools, this private luxury space will meet your needs both inside and outside. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical destination from sunrise to sunset.

At the Amplify Retreat, you'll find the sun shining on your face, the salty wind in your hair, the sand between your toes, and the sounds and magnitude of the ocean beckoning you to step into your power.






Live in person Expert speakers

Imagine if you had world class experts giving you high end training and then collaborating with you over dinner, giving you their greatest tips while sipping champagne, and creating so many ah-ha moments during this intimate experience that will forever change your business. 

Renae Fieck

Renae Fieck

Your Retreat Host.

As a Cycle Business coach I have had the honor of empowering 100s to redefine the way women work. 

In 2016, as a new mom to 3 and a husband with a brain tumor, realizing we are never guaranteed tomorrow, I was determined to create a life I loved and jumped 2 feet into a side hustle with the hopes of creating financial and time freedom. 

In 2019…I was completely burnt out and wondered if it was in fact possible to raise a family and build a business at the same time.

Fast forward to 2021 when using my body’s natural rhythms allowed me to 5x my revenue, work fewer hours, and feel so much more balanced along the way.

All because I discovered the power of your menstrual cycle.

Now I am the go-to expert and sought out speaker when it comes to creating a cycle-based feminine approach to building your business. 

Shafonne Myers

shafonne myers

Shafonne Myers is a media mogul who created the world’s only site for plus size brides, Pretty Pear Bride, is the CEO of a top wedding media company and digital marketing agency of over 20 wedding publications of which she owns 8 of them, Aisle Society. She realized that her true super power was educating, empowering and inspiring other female entrepreneurs to show up as themselves (regardless of what anyone else says or thinks) and sell the s*** out of what they love to do!  
Shafonne is extremely knowledgeable in online marketing and sales and has helped with multi-million dollar launches for her clients and business partners. She has closed over $10 million in revenue and knew this experience needed to be shared with others.
So after being trained by one of the top online marketers in his exclusive business coaching program she has made it her mission to transform female entrepreneurs from struggling and unheard into successful and sought after CEOs who confidently show up in their business, sell out their offers and programs, and gain authority through media placements. She does this through her ACC Method of Attracting, Connecting, and Converting online and offline with relationship marketing, sales on social and amplified visibility, leading to increases in their income, influence and freedom guaranteeing a never ending stream of revenue. 
Carolene King

Carolene joy
cabrera king

Carolene Joy Cabrera King is a breathwork healing facilitator based out of Escondido, California, where she lives in Eden Valley. She is a poet, a playwright, an educator, and activist committed to envisioning and building toward a world of true social justice, free from the bonds of sexism and racism. She spends a lot of her time meditating on and inviting into our reality a truly liberated world, where every single person embodies their full, complete, authentic self. Carolene graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a double major in Theatre and Literature/Writing, went on to complete a Master’s in Education at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, and then to New York University to complete a second Master’s in Art, Activism, & Community Practice, and while she is a perpetual student, always seeking to learn and discover more ways to love herself, her community, and her world more deeply, the natural world is her favorite classroom: the whisper of the trees, the song of the breeze, the deep poetry of silence in the woods and the beautiful lessons that come from standing in midst of crashing ocean waves.


Will be revealed soon!


Will be revealed soon!


Will be revealed soon!

delight in your food

Fully catered by a private chef so that each meal will leave your mouth craving more and yet fully satiated at the same time. 

Discover a whole new palate designed to fuel your body with the energy you crave.

Everything is cooked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.

What's the Investment?

A "Friend"ly Experience

Share a king/queen bed with a friend in resort style accommodations ($600+)


Full transformational retreat experience (value of $600+)


Delicious food and drinks (value of $400)


Access to Expert Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($500+)


Private Transportation from airport and during the course of your retreat (value of $100+)


Professional Branding Headshots (value $400)


Total value of over $2200+

With this option, you can invite a friend to join OR opt to to be placed with another retreat attendee.

Private Room Experience

A private room with a king/queen bed in resort style accommodations ($600+)


Full transformational retreat experience (value of $600+)


Delicious food and drinks (value of $400)


Access to Expert Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($500+)


Private Transportation from airport and during the course of your retreat (value of $100+)


Professional Branding Headshots (value $400)


Total value of over $3200+

Wanna see more!?

branding headshots

Receive a customized branding photohsoot and walk away with professional headshots that you can use to attract your clients with your new power

daily transformational experiences

From yoga to sound healing to breathwork and more! Whatever it is you'll be surprised And blown away with the power of each of these experiences.

Questions??? I got ya!

Me: April 21-24, 2023 in North San Diego county. Encinitas, CA to be exact. 

Me: Your ticket is refundable PRIOR to 12/31/22. After that day, you can apply your investment to an alternate offer or future retreat.

A: Your deposit is eligible to transfer to any other future retreat or to be applied as a credit to any other Renae Fieck product or program.

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